solmidna (solmidna) wrote in itsjustagamerp,

Pinkie Pie Shows Midna A Good Time [open]

Characters: Midna and Pinkie Pie
Content: A tour of the ship, Pinkie Pie style
Location: Deck 2, to start
Time of day: [backdated] right after Midna arrived on the Satellite
Warnings: None?

Midna was ready enough to get a tour of her new, very temporary home from Pinkie Pie. She stretched and sighed. It looked like everyone managed to stay busy - or distracted - here, so she'd better learn her way around, and Pinkie Pie seemed to be the sanest and friendliest person around, other than Luna.

"So what is this floor for?" she asked.
Tags: !open, midna, pinkie pie
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