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Rockin' Around The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree [OPEN]

Characters: Anyone and everyone!
Content: Get your Christmas Party on!
Location: The Weapons Deck
Time of day: Evening of Christmas Day, after people have gotten presents
Warnings: None...for now...

[Since the Weapons Deck is totally empty, Mike and the Bots have taken it upon themselves to transform it for a rockin’ good Christmas Party! The Charlie Brown Tree has been safely set aside too; all decorated up. There’s a table with punch, food and way too many desserts for any group of people to handle, a bunch of Christmas decorations thanks to Rarity and her decorating crew, and even Christmas music that’s only slightly annoying!

Characters are free to come in and grab food, mingle, play games, exchange gifts or stories...whatever they want! Obviously, treat this thread as party-style.

There’s one more special note...there’s a couple bowls of punch sitting next to a big pan of Green Bean Casserole of Tranquility. Unfortunately, Crow accidentally mixed in some leftover Waters of Forgetfulness to make the punch. That water, combined with the spicy punch flavoring, has created an unusual concoction. If your characters drink some of this punch, they won’t notice anything least yet!]

Tags: !open, iron liz, kaldur'ahm, mike nelson, minako aino, namine, phineas flynn, riku, roxas, sora, xion
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